FlapMyPort for Mac

If you are using Mac we highly recommend you to download and install our OSX application. It allows you to be aware of your ports conditions, and request a report for a certain period of time. The application will also inform you when some of your ports is changing it’s state. This application is absolutely free and open sourced so you can modify it on your own.

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FlapMyPort for iPhone

Be aware about your network from everywhere! This application allows you to get easy understandable review at any time. Download it for free from the Apple App Store.

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FlapMyPort for Android

If you are an Android fan you may be interested in our app for that platform. Check your network status summary, or view the history of a certain port flapping on the screen of your mobile device.

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FlapMyPort for WEB

Wep apps are always cross-platform and universal. Place it on your server of even put FlapMyPort HTML page files right on your desktop and have a little fun!

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