FlapMyPort is a combination of SNMP Traps receiver and bunch of clients that allow you to view this data in easy understandable format.
The main benefit of SNMP Traps is rapidity of messages delivery. Your network devices sends information messages as soon as failures occur.

How it works

When your network devices ports conditions are changing they initiate sending special messages to FlapMyPort server. FlapMyPort server put the data into it’s Database and notifies you or your NOC engineers with combined messages. Consider the pucture for graphical explanation.
You need to install and run FlapMyPort server somewhere on your network, configure your network devices to send SNMP Traps to the Server, and install any of our clients.

You’d like to try it. Where to go next?

Go to documentation page to learn how to implement the system on your network. You can find all necessary information there.

If you need some help with deployment and installation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will definitely help you with implementation this tool and provide any necessary information and assistance for free.