FlapMyPort API if fairly simple because it does only one task: gives you information about what happened on your network devices for a given period of time. You’ll find all supported requests on this page.

API usage examples

Get Review:


(Default period is one hour)

Get Review Using Filter:


Filter is a simple string passed to server. API will return information only about events where hostname or interface name or interface description contains the string.

*Values should be URLEncoded. Only [A-Za-z0-9/-_] symbols are allowed.

Get Review Using Start time and End time:


Get Review Using time interval in seconds:


Get FlapChart by port and host:


Get FlapChart Using Start time and End time:


Check API

We recommend you to check user given API with built-in simple verifications mechanism.
Request the following URL:


The response should be:


Virtual API

You can test some fetures with our Virtual API. See this page for more details.